Best Amazon Prime TV shows (February 2018): great series to watch today

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Best Amazon Prime TV shows (February 2018): great series to watch today

Looking for the best shows on Amazon Prime? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re hunting down a new show to binge upon, and want to stream away on Amazon Prime rather than its rival Netflix, we’ve cut the wheat from the chaff to show you the very best programmes the service has to offer. 

This is our pick of the best Amazon Prime TV shows, the TV series that we have been watching and loving on what has become one of the most popular streaming services around. 

[Update: A brand new drama series called Absentia has come to Amazon Prime this week, starring Stana Katic as an FBI agent trying to put her life back together, six years after being declared dead. For documentary fans, there’s also a brand new Amazon Original series called Grand Prix Driver, which takes viewers behind the scenes of McLaren’s 2017 Formula 1 team as they prepare for the World Championship.]

Since the launch of Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime has grown into a media powerhouse. Taking, and in some ways surpassing, Netflix’s self-serving model to produce its own content Amazon now has a bevy of television shows that are begging to be watched on its own platform. The choice is expansive and that’s where we come in.

TechRadar has curated a list of the best Amazon Prime shows around. Chosen by the team, these are the shows streamed in the UK that are Instant classics primed to offer up hours of compulsive viewing.

It’s worth noting that these are the best Amazon Prime TV shows that can be watched instantly when you have Amazon Prime access. There are many more shows you can watch through Amazon but these have to be purchased to be viewed. 

We will keep this list constantly updated – if any paid shows become free that we feel need to be included, they’ll go in.

So, flick over to see our picks that have been separated into the following categories: drama, comedy and thriller.

If you can only watch one…

Electric Dreams

Amazon Prime has finally got its own Black Mirror rival and it comes in the form of Electric Dreams. Originally shown on Channel 4 in the UK, each episode is an adaptation of a Philip K Dick story and it’s star packed, too. The likes of Bryan Cranston, Greg Kinnear and Steve Buscemi pop up in the show and it’s been created by Ronald D Moore, of Battlestar Galactica fame.

Amazon Prime or Netflix? Check out our comparison video below!

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