Boise, Idaho to Use Blockchain Technology to Improve City’s Infrastructure | Finance Magnates

By 15th September 2017All, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Boise, Idaho to Use Blockchain Technology to Improve City’s Infrastructure | Finance Magnates

ULedger, a ‘Data Integrity as a Service’ company, has announced that it has entered into an agreement with the administration of Boise, capital of Idaho, to explore use cases within the city’s technology infrastructure to implement its proprietary Blockchain (ULedger Data Assurance) and related technologies.

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Darrin Harris, CIO of the City of Boise, stated: “Blockchain is a transformative technology and through our relationship with ULedger, we are excited to become one of the first city governments to bring Blockchain, and its many benefits to practice. We are looking to ULedger, and its stateless Blockchain protocol to mitigate data and security risks, improve data integrity and continuity, streamline process and deliver a first in class experience to the citizens of Boise.” Mr. Harris added that “this aligns with our IT mission to provide information and technology services to our strategic partners in an integrated and consultative manner to drive results that help make Boise the most livable city in the country.”

Josh McIver, CEO of ULedger, stated: “We are very pleased to announce this effort, which will greatly benefit both ULedger and the City of Boise, and most importantly, the transparency, integrity and trust of the city’s critical data. Information and records stored on Blockchain data structures is becoming the standard by which all information will eventually be stored eliminating the inefficiencies, lack of integrity and trust and the single point of failure of traditional databases structures. Moreover, data has become one of every enterprises’ most valuable assets, and by virtue of that, data integrity delivered by Blockchain has become the means to ensure the integrity of data.”

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